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Moving? Donate Your Unwanted Furniture to a Local Family in Need

Home Again Furniture Bank

Allied Domestic Moving and Storage has partnered with Home Again Furniture Bank to improve your moving experience and the lives of those living without basic furnishings.

You’re moving and there’s no better time to organize and get rid of clutter. It doesn’t make sense to pay for moving things you no longer need. Selling can be a hassle. And you don’t want to add usable items to the landfill. So why not donate and help change a life?

We’ve made donating easy through partnering with Home Again Furniture Bank so that your gently-used furniture will turn someone else’s house into a home.

Home Again Furniture Bank is a nonprofit organization that delivers furniture and housewares for free so that no one has to sleep on the floor or eat from a cardboard box table. Home Again aims to end furniture poverty on the Northeast Avalon by redistributing your gently-used furniture to those referred to them.

When you book a move with Domestic Moving and Storage Ltd, we’ll move your belongings to your new home and then transfer any gently-used, quality furniture you wish to donate directly to Home Again at no cost to you. It’s a great way to help local families in need, while also easing some of the move-related stress.

This partnership enables you to:

  • Easily find a good home for unwanted furniture without having to coordinate it yourself
  • Ensure that your furniture gets a new life, and goes to someone who really needs it
  • Keep useful items out of the landfill

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